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Which Nootropic Supplement is Right For You?

Which Nootropic Supplement is Right For You?

If you’ve clicked over here to read about nootropic supplements, chances are you already know what a nootropic is.  Off-label and illegal use of nootropic medications, like Alzheimer’s medication, can cause serious side effects. Yes, some people do that sort of thing, but the risks can be permanent. So we think it just isn’t worth it.  Fortunately, you can use safe nootropic supplements to achieve your goals--greater focus, clarity, energy, brain health, stamina and function, practically limitless other benefits, are possible with the right nootropic supplements. So those are the ones we’ll focus on here.

Identifying a Quality Nootropic Supplement

You only put unleaded gas in your car. You read labels before you purchase foods. You curate your exercise routine. So, of course, you want to know what is in your nootropic supplements before you try them. Some of the key qualities to look for include:
  • Purity - Do your supplements contain fillers, additives, preservatives and other ingredients that might diminish the product?
  • Quality - From the growing and extraction process, to the finished product, do your nootropics maintain the potency and vitality of their ingredients?
  • Research - You could take every supplement known to man and yet experience no benefit. So, do your nootropics contain ingredients that have been studied and observed to do more than placebo? Do the ingredients contraindicate with each other, or work together for better results? 
Most companies will be upfront about their ingredients, process and research, except for, perhaps, a few proprietary blends.  So, do your research.

Get Scientific about Your Nootropics

If you’re going to get serious about your nootropic stack (the exact combination of nootropics for you), you should probably start with some lab work. Most doctors don’t standardly run nutritional labs, but you can ask for them. You want to do this because certain vitamins are themselves nootropics. (The “vita” part of “vitamin” comes from the Latin word for “life”). If you are deficient in basic vitamins, such as vitamin A, D or certain B vitamins (B1, B6, B9, etc), your body and your brain will already be depleted in those areas, and you need to first make up for missing nutrients and then build from there. Certain vitamins also, like Vitamin A, can cause serious problems if you overdose them, so starting with a baseline can help you dose correctly. Then, once you have corrected basic nutritional deficiencies, you can build up the specific nutrients, amino acids, herbs or extracts that will take you to the next level.

Determining if Your Nootropic Supplement is Working

So do nootropics work better than placebo? Why would it matter if your nootropic is better than placebo?  Well, it might not matter, to be honest. You could cut up little bits of apple and convince yourself it’s a nootropic. Cheaper. If you feel better, you feel better. But if it does matter to you to optimize your brain and performance, then yes, it is important to determine if your nootropics work.  Fortunately, you can make this determination for yourself pretty easily. Just as you weigh yourself on your bathroom scale, determine your resting heart rate, or set goals for personal best deadlifts, a little data can go a long way toward your nootropic goals. Follow this formula:
  1. List your goals and determine a rating system. Get specific.
  2. Write down your behaviors: number of hours of sleep, current diet, etc. 
  3. Change only one thing at a time.
  4. Reflect daily, for at least one week, on how your change is impacting your goal, as plotted on your rating system.
Most nootropics will work best over time, not necessarily immediately. Though some, like caffeine, may have “instant boost” effects. So monitor both immediate (within a few hours) and accumulating (within 7 to 10 days) effects.

Only the Best Nootropics

If you have corrected your body’s nutritional deficiencies and are in overall good health, take advantage of the advanced nootropic research and optimal molecule combinations at Absolute Nootropics. Our proprietary blends are specifically designed to take you to the next level of health, focus, agility, concentration and drive. Your brain: firing on all cylinders.

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