What is the Best Nootropic Supplement

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What is the Best Nootropic Supplement?

What is the Best Nootropic Supplement?

With a market flooded in nootropics, and more emerging all the time, it can be difficult to determine what is the best nootropic supplement? Let’s break it down to the ones backed by science, most likely to create positive impacts on your focus, mood, attention, drive, energy or other mental functions. If you do nothing else in the world of nootropics, take these.

Essential Vitamins

The word “essential” doesn’t just mean necessary. An “essential vitamin” is one that cannot be created in the body, so it must be consumed in food (or taken as a supplement).  A nutrient-rich diet should provide all of the vitamins needed for optimum brain and body function. Unfortunately, for many reasons, an optimum diet is virtually impossible.  Even if you factor out food preferences, taste and other elements of personal choice, assuming someone ate only what one should and could eat every single meal, every day, to get the best possible food, there are still other reasons that our food supply lacks the nutrients we need. For example: the last century’s farming. Years of monocrop growth, depleted soil, and other poor farming practices have led to inadequate nutrition in the food supply.  Grocery stores, for the sake of supplying everything instead of seasonal produce, stock items from all around the world, which must be picked early, preserved, and shipped. If you are eating off-season, you are undoubtedly consuming foods from another hemisphere. Early picking and preservation further deplete nutritional content in our food supply. All of these factors have created an American food crisis: we have plenty of food, but are largely undernourished.  Approximately one half of Americans have at least one preventable chronic disease!

Better than Basic

Nootropics are about optimization, but it’s impossible to optimize a chronically sick body that is deficient in basic nutrients, as described above. Some of the best nootropics, then, are actually basic vitamins: but in sufficient quantity to make up deficiencies and boost mental function. This list includes:
  • Vitamin A - necessary for the immune system, vision, reproduction, and the function of many organs, especially the liver and kidneys.
  • The B vitamins - A group of several vitamins, B vitamins help regulate mood, energy, memory, muscle growth and many other important functions. Water-soluble B vitamins, if taken in excess, leave the body through urine. So, you can’t go wrong supplementing with high-quality B vitamins.
  • Vitamin C - Despite vitamin C being in nearly every fruit and vegetable, 43% of Americans tested as deficient in this micronutrient. Vitamin C protects the brain, fuels the immune system, and has the power to help prevent cancer, cataracts, gout, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and so much more.
  • Vitamin D - The body requires vitamin D for immune function, metabolism, insulin secretion, bone health and the prevention of cancers such as breast cancer and colorectal cancers. Limiting sun exposure may help prevent skin cancer, but it has led to chronic vitamin D deficiencies and a host of these other health issues. Supplementation, then, is essential.
  • Vitamin E - More than 90% of Americans do not meet dietary requirements of vitamin E. Vitamin E has been linked to a host of vital health functions, but especially aging well, preventing the deterioration associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases, and cardiovascular health. Consider that heart disease and dementia are two of the most common causes of death in America, taking vitamin E is a no-brainer (very punny). 
This list of the best nootropics is easy to remember so far: take vitamins A through E for a brain which functions at its best.

Fat without Fats

Americans are fat.  Over 40% of adults in the US and 17% of children are obese. When you include those who are just overweight, the numbers of fat Americans are much higher. Despite having an excess of fat and eating an extreme excess of fat, Americans do not get enough good fats. Remember the definition of “essential,” as in “essential vitamins”? Essential fatty acids are the fats which the body cannot make; it must get them through the diet. And Americans eat plenty of fat, just typically not the ones our bodies actually need. So, taking fish oil or another source of essential fatty acids (EFAs) is one of the best nootropics. These good fats are used in many ways, but most vitally to protect the linings of blood vessels and for the creation and function of brain cells.

A Few Other Super Nootropics

So far we’ve covered vitamins A-E and EFAs.  With just those, your brain would probably perform much better, especially if taken regularly and allowed to build up to optimum levels in the body. But there are three other super star nootropics worth talking about, when you want the very best.
  1. L-theanine - this amino acid is also essential (cannot be made in the body), and is most commonly found in tea leaves. L-theanine helps the brain relax, without drowsiness, and has been shown to stimulate alpha-wave brain activity, reducing anxiety, enhancing working memory and attention. It can also help you sleep better at night, which is crucial to optimum brain function all day long.
  2. Ashwagandha - is a botanical plant (withania somnifera). The root of this plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine (the traditional medicine of India) for centuries to help calm and reduce stress. Modern studies have shown that Ashwagandha might be neuroprotective-- reducing oxidative stress, improving attention, information processing, and overall cognitive function.
  3. Rhodiola rosea - Like ashwagandha, this succulent plant is an adaptogen, meaning it reduces oxidative stress by binding with free-radicals in the body. Adaptogens have been linked to improved health, decreased stress, and reduced incidence of cancer, but rhodiola may also improve productivity, reduce mental fatigue and support neural health.
For optimum impact from a nootropic stack, then, including these three supplements has the best chance of giving you measurable results in your alertness, focus, productivity, energy and other mental functions.

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