N-Acetyl Semax Spray

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Use N-Acetyl Semax Spray for mood boosting, reduction of chronic stress, and improved cognitive function.

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N-Acetyl Semax Nasal Spray

Includes one bottle of either 100mcg or 300mcg solution. Each bottle contains 10ml total volume and either 10mg or 30mg total. Sent in Temperature-Controlled packaging lasts up to 48 hours.

CAS Number N/A
Appearance Liquid Spray
Chemical Names N-Acetyl Semax
Molecular Formula C39H54N10O10S
Molecular Weight 854.97 g/mol

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Where to Buy N-Acetyl Semax Nasal Spray?

Absolute Nootropics offers 100mcg+ per spray in 10mL spray bottle @ 1mg per mL & 300mcg+ per spray in 10mL spray bottle @ 3mg per mL

This product has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

For more information on Semax Peptide:

Nootriment.com NA
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