MT2 Spray


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Tanning Spray

  • 125mcg per spray
  • 12.5mg per bottle

Melanogenesis is the reactive pathway when skin pigmentation above the basal enzyme system is induced by physiological factors (aka UV rays or DHA ingredients used in tanning foams/lotions) to create a tan for your skin. Melanogenesis is also the body’s way of producing melanin, your skin’s “color,” by converting enzymes and amino acids to generate melanin.

For people with fair skin tones, the hormone alpha-MSH levels are low compared to darker skin, and this hormone is what regulates melanin production by darkening the skin. Now, instead of tanning beds, hours baking in the sun, tanning beds, spray tans–the whole nine yards available in today’s market, now you can just use a nasal spray!

How can a nasal spray create a tan on the outside of my skin? Absolute Nootropic’s complex formula utilizes the enzymes and amino acids that trigger the alpha-MSH hormone (though the spray does not contain hormones itself) and works from the inside out to develop a dark, natural, and permanent tan!

Nasal sprays are more effective than most options since the formula is absorbed by the nasal membrane, which is very thin compared to other cells in the body. Trigger your melanin production naturally with our Tanning Nasal Spray and help absorb UV light to protect your skin better while giving yourself the confidence of an even tan without the time or maintenance required by other temporary options.

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