Memantine Powder

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For the nerves and the recovery, Memantine is your go-to for improving cognitive performance, learning, decision-making, and memory. Plus, it reduces anxiety, protects the brain from oxidative stress, and improves sleep quality! Ideal for cram study sessions.

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Memantine Powder

Memantine, or known as Memantine HcL, is an uncompetitive NMDA receptor antagonist, and thus relies on glutamate’s activation of the NMDA receptor to take effect.

CAS Number 41100-52-1
Appearance Powder
Chemical Names 3,5-dimethyltricyclo[,7]decan-1amine or 3,5-dimethyladamantan-1-amine
Molecular Formula C12H21N
Molecular Weight 179.3 g/mol

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Absolute Nootropics offers 5g, 10g or 25g in a resealable mylar bag. This product has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

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