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Is the Limitless Pill Really Limitless?

Limitless Pill

Playing chess blindfolded. Solving rubix cubes in just a few seconds. Recreating, as a realistic drawing, an entire city from memory. Seventy thousand digits of 𝜋, recited from memory. Human beings have performed some amazing mental feats. For most people, these mental tricks stretch beyond what we expect of ourselves in our lives. Even the incredible feats Bradley Cooper acted in the motion picture Limitless mostly don’t apply to real life. But there are numerous benefits, nearly limitless benefits to greater focus, clarity, creativity, energy, mental elasticity and drive.  Is there really a limitless pill that would make all of this, and more, possible? Thanks to advances in science, such substances (safe and effective substances) have been identified. They’re called nootropics.

What are Nootropics?

“Nootropic” is a coined word from the Greek words, nous, meaning “mind” and trepein, meaning “to bend or turn.” Think of them not as “mind-benders” like psychotropic drugs, but instead like substances which bend the mind toward its full potential. Though some nootropic medications are used to correct medical conditions, such as the medications for treating Alzheimer’s disease or narcolepsy, nootropic supplements are available over-the-counter and safe for healthy people.  Nootropic supplements are substances which have been identified to enhance mental function or human performance. From caffeine to ashwagandha, such substances occur in food or herbs and can be extracted, combined and maximized for the greatest possible user benefit.

Is a Limitless Pill Safe?

It’s common knowledge that too much caffeine can cause a “crash.” Some people also experience jitters, anxiety or sleep problems from even a small amount of caffeine, or they limit the dosage, and time of day when they can have caffeine. Caffeine is one of the most widely known, studied and utilized nootropics. It’s safe for most people, and has a wide-variety of well-documented benefits. It’s totally normal to look at a substance and see benefits, but also suspect side effects. We naturally doubt claims, as human beings. In popular culture, the “down-side” of nootropics gets displayed. In Limitless, Bradley Cooper portrayed blackouts and withdrawal (and possibly murder! But, hey, it’s a movie.). Do you remember Flowers for Algernon? First a short story, written in 1958, then later in several other formats, it tells the story of a man, Charlie, whose IQ more-than-doubles after a medical procedure. He latre regresses and experiences the loss and sorrow of his diminished capabilities. Such stories are like fables, telling us not to get our hopes up. But as scientific research has expanded, our understanding of safe use of nootropics has also improved. We don’t have to doubt, when we can instead experience. Exercise brings both temporary and long-term benefits, so why shouldn’t using effective nootropic supplementation work the same way?

What’s the Right Mindset for Limitlessness?

If you are ready to experience your upper limits, it helps to get into a “limitless frame of mind.” Success with nootropic dosing is more likely with the right mindset, just like success in any other new endeavor. Some tips include:
  • Think flexibly - decide that you are open to whatever happens, not already predetermining an outcome.
  • Plan and organize - it helps to try one new substance at a time, with minimal other changes and predictable patterns (as best you can) of factors like food and sleep.
  • Try and document - just like a record of your fitness journey or financial progress, keeping a record of your supplements and your specific results observed will help you make better progress.
With these steps in place, you can track your progress as you unlock your potential.

The “Right” Limitless Pill

When it comes to nootropics, there may not be a “one-size-fits-all” pill, but there is “one-size-fits-most.” Just as caffeine has the same effect on most people, but not everyone, effective nootropics work on most people. We’ve designed our cutting-edge formulas around the latest research-backed science in nootropics to address key factors to give you more drive, more focus, and more “smarts” than the typical “smart drug.” At an easy-to-swallow price point, these limitless pills can help you reach new heights in human potential.

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