How Nootropics are Like a Natural Adderall

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How Nootropics are Like a Natural Adderall

Natural Adderall 101

Let’s talk about Adderall.  The prescription stimulant, used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and narcolepsy, gets abused. Research suggests that the highest incidence of abuse for prescription Adderall are in 18-25 year olds, as high as 20% abuse it at some point, according to some studies. Prescription Adderall combines amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. In competitive academic environments Adderall is sometimes called a “study drug,” because  people take it to stay awake longer or study harder.  They’re hoping for a real life “limitless pill.” But Adderall can be addictive and comes with a whole host of other potential side effects: heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, paranoia, aggression, and even death. Abuse of medications increases the likelihood of such side effects. So is there a safer alternative, a natural Adderall? You may find what you’re looking for with nootropics.

Nootropics for Focus

Nootropics have gained recent attention for their potential to enhance mental function in competitive workplaces, improve stamina and performance in athletic competition, and stimulate overall brain function in any field. So the real question is, what exactly are people looking for, when considering Adderall? Focus? Mental stamina? Energy? Are they suffering from distractibility? Nootropics benefits potentially improve all of these functions, without the risks associated with an addictive, brain-altering drug. For most nootropics users, successful use comes down to getting the right stack. A “stack” is the specific combo of vitamins and herbs for optimum results for each user. If you want the most intense focus from nootropics, start here:
  1. Fill in nutritional holes - For many reasons, the vast majority of Americans get insufficient nutrients, despite generally getting an excess of calories. Eating nutritionally-rich food and taking vitamins to fill in nutritional gaps is, therefore, critically important to maximizing your potential.
  2. Exercise like you mean it - Top competitors in every field, not just in the athletics, recognize the value of intentional stress on the body and recovery. Daily activity (getting your steps!) combined with at least two intense exercise sessions per week can maximize your circulation (distributing those nutrients), improve cardiovascular health, enhance mental focus and even keep you younger, longer.
  3. Practice intentional mindfulness - Mindfulness sounds like a trend, but it’s more like a resurrection--it’s technology that’s been around for thousands of years in many cultures. The most crucial component of any mindfulness practice, according to science, is your breathing. Learn to control your breath, at least for two minutes per day, and you can control your focus.
  4. Handle your sleep, once and for all - As much as 35% of adult Americans, particularly men, do not get enough sleep. Inadequate sleep impairs focus, slows reaction time and can ultimately negatively impact mental health.
  5. Take your ideal stack - Nootropics for focus can make a world of difference, but only if regularly taken. Effects from any herb or supplement (or even medication) diminish after a number of hours, so for best effect take your stack daily.
If you do these things, you’ll set your brain up for maximum potential, firing on all cylinders.

Nootropics for Energy

Several key vitamins are essential for adrenal function, mental focus, and the creation of energy. Inadequate levels of iron, vitamin A, vitamin D and several B vitamins, to name just a few, can cause diminished energy. Some work very quickly--taking a vitamin D supplement, for example, in someone who is deficient in vitamin D, can instantly boost mood and energy, better than caffeine! The best energy pills, then combine these essential vitamins with herbs, especially adaptogenics, to naturally boost energy.  Adaptogens help the body adapt to stress. They are herbs or other substances which naturally have a cellular structure which allows for regrouping with free-radicals in the body. Free-radicals cause oxidative damage and other stress in the body. When they build up they may even be the cause of cancer. Herbs, then, which can recombine with free-radicals, essentially absorbing them, can reduce or even reverse damage to cells.

Get a Natural High

Health is wealth, the old saying goes. A natural high is the feeling of accomplishment, gaining a competitive edge, and using it to channel your full creative potential.  With nootropics you get the micronutrients, adaptogens, and other proprietary nootropics in our shop’s collection to get you firing on all cylinders. Instead of taking over your brain the way a medication can, it gives your brain the tools to be its absolute best, naturally!

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