Our Story

We want to tell you a little bit about Absolute Nootropics and how our business came to fruition. You’ve heard all the negatives of energy drinks, of consuming so much caffeine and sugar, and of what it does to your body. Well, that’s when we looked for alternatives that weren’t so severe and had such negative health effects long-term.

That’s how we discovered Nootropics, Adaptogens, Peptides & SARMs.

These are not normal vitamins or compounds. Some are naturally derived (heck, even our body creates some of them) and some are synthetic. When our bodies lose the ability to naturally produce certain chemicals or cells, synthetic can be our best friend to stay healthy. Nootropics offer all the benefits of energy drinks and focus pills like Adderall and Ritalin – but without being illegal or damaging to your health! Why have you never heard of nootropics before then, if it’s so radical?

You have, just not as nootropics.

A lot of the ingredients you’ll find in nootropic supplements are found in other natural forms, like multivitamins, tea, and caffeinated beverages. What makes nootropics healthier than those options, you wonder? Without the added chemicals and preservatives, nootropics are pure stimulants, most made with natural ingredients. The other forms of nootropics – typically of the racetam family – are synthetically made but are nowhere near as bad as chugging Monster after Monster at your desk.

With Absolute Nootropics, we have the powder and spray forms that will skyrocket your gaming capabilities. Not just with enhanced mental focus, memory, and cognitive processing, but also with decreased stress, anxiety, and no caffeine jitters. Did we mention it also increases motivation and productivity, so you can finally overcome procrastination? Yeah, nootropics give you all that. Can your energy drink say the same?

We developed Absolute Nootropics as the answer to every person’s ultimate goal – to be #1.

We strive for our brand to be the Gold Standard in nootropics for sale. Our competitors may have been around longer, but we created our brand to best our competition with the highest quality products, the most research-backed ingredients, and certified third-party testing so you know exactly what’s in our full catalog.


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Only the purest, research-quality products are sourced at Absolute Nootropics, manufactured in the US with the most reputable companies in the world. Our priority is delivering the very best service for you with our competitive pricing, convenient online interface, easy payment options, and top-notch customer service.