Nootropics to Take for Exams

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6 Top Nootropics to Take for Exams

Nootropics to Take for Exams

When you’re prepping for exams you need all the help you can get.  Ideally, that would include plenty of sleep, three square meals per day, and your regular exercise routine… ...But this is real life.  Perhaps you’ve recently been out drinking, your sleep is far from regular, exercise might be intermittent and food...well, “eat what you can, when you can,” during exams is the norm. Fortunately, you may be able to feed your brain and your body some of the top nootropics for study. Think of them as the real life “Limitless” pill, but without those murderous implications.

Best to Start Early

If you have at least a week until your exams, get started on these three nootropics immediately:
  1. Vitamin E - A basic building block in the body used for the entire cardiovascular system and the function of a healthy brain. Vitamin E helps protect the brain and may reduce brain fog and improve cognition.
  2. B vitamins - There are 8 different B vitamins and they each play an important role in brain health. Take B vitamins if you want to think more rapidly, boost the function of your adrenal glands (responsible for energy levels, among other functions), and boost mood. On top of a general range of B vitamins, take extra vitamin B1 (thiamine) if you drink with any regularity. While a supplement won’t erase bad decisions, alcohol depletes B1. When alcoholics develop dementia-like symptoms, it is thought to be due to a chronic B1 deficiency. If you drank recently and now you have exams, definitely take extra B1.
  3. Choline - Harvard Medical School called choline the “Brain Food That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.” Choline (pronounced KO-leen) has been linked to increased speed of brain function. Having your brain function faster on exams sounds like a good idea, right?
These three supplements will be more likely to give you the brain-boosting performance you seek if you take them with enough time for them to accumulate in your bloodstream. Your brain needs time to heal and build-up nutrients, plus possibly repair damage that has already occurred. But even if you don’t have a month, a week, or even a day until exams, go ahead and take them. It certainly can’t hurt to get started!

Be Sure to Add These Three Nootropics before Exams

If you did nothing but take the three nootropics for exams listed above before your big exam day (or days), you’d still have an edge on your competition.  However, here are three more, three of the best nootropics for memory, to help you get ready to ace some exams.
  1. Rhodiola rosea L (or just listed as “rhodiola”) - This wonderful herb has been shown in scientific studies to reduce anxiety, relieve fatigue, improve learning and enhance memory function. While many substances might relieve anxiety, they might also make you too low-key to perform well. The substances which help you have more energy also often increase anxiety. You don’t need all that drama! Take the antioxidant rhodiola instead and get the energy without the anxiety.
  2. Lion’s Mane Mushroom - Available as an extract or in powdered form, this (perfectly legal) medicinal mushroom has been shown to heal nerves, even damaged brain cells and spinal cords! While those were animal studies, the implications for human use are promising. Give your overworked brain a boost!
  3. Ginseng - Like rhodiola, this supplement (extracted from the root) is an antioxidant that can boost energy. Studies have shown that ginseng can improve exam performance (even on math exams!), when taken before an exam. While you can take ginseng at the last minute and possibly still experience the brain boost you seek, for best results, take Asian ginseng regularly.
A Note about Caffeine While caffeine and study drugs have commonly been used on US campuses, they have mixed results. Getting revved up can cause jitters, high blood pressure, even heart attack or stroke! At Absolute Nootropics we will only recommend the most safe and effective supplements--to get you the results you want, without the potentially dangerous side effects of some of the nootropics out there. For those who are not sensitive to caffeine, and don’t overdo it, consider caffeine with the amino acid L-theanine. They can be taken together in supplement form, or they occur together naturally in many teas. When caffeine and L-theanine are taken together, studies have shown improved cognitive function and mood.

You Got This!

Absolute Nootropics has the nootropic supplements you need to perform your best--so get started on them and then get out there and do those exams! You got this!

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