10 Reasons You Need to Take Vitamins

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10 Reasons You Need to Take Vitamins

Vitamins 101

Vitamins are the essential nutrients necessary for body function. Coined by Casimir Funk, the term combined the Latin word for life + amine because he thought they were chemically amines, (a class of compounds like ammonia). Then, as specific vitamins were identified, they were just named in the order of discovery: Vitamin A (first), Vitamin B (next), and so on.  Of course, vitamin B turned out to be 8 different vitamins, later individually named (B1 Thiamin, B2 Riboflavin, etc). A couple of numbers got skipped (for example, there’s no B4), and that’s why there is a B12 but only 8 B vitamins. But hey, science is a process, right? So, mini-science history lesson aside, why should you take vitamins? Here are our top 10 reasons. 1: Our Food Lacks Vital Nutrition Before industrialized farming, most food was grown and harvested locally. That meant that food ripened fully, was eaten in its prime season, and the soil had not been depleted through over-harvesting of the same few crops. While organic farming practices, crop rotation, adding micronutrients back to the soil and other healthy soil practices have recently increased in popularity, our food has still suffered from one hundred years of poor quality nutrition and over-processing. Certain key vitamins have been added to food (such as iodine in salt, which increased the national IQ), but it’s still tough to get everything you need from food. 2: Our Environment is Toxic The chemical age has given us plastic, electronics and automobiles, but also more toxicity.  Even if you eat 100% organic, you are eating plastic. In studies of infants, phthalates were already found in their urine. This toxicity puts extra stress on your organs. You need vitamins to support the detox functions of the body (like the liver, kidneys and lymphs) to help counteract the toxicity you ingest and encounter daily. 3: You are Deficient in at Least One Major Vitamin Studies of Americans have shown that as much as 40% of those tested had major deficiencies in crucial vitamins such as vitamin A, C or vitamin D. Vitamin B is another common deficiency, which has been linked to:
  • Memory problems
  • Heart problems
  • Poor reflexes
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Skin disorders
  • Hair loss
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue 
  • Poor sleep
  • Anemia
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Many other symptoms
B vitamins benefits, then, impact the brain and entire body, particularly for anyone with a deficiency. 4: You Get Sick, But You Don’t Have to With the right supplementation, you strengthen your immune system.  Vitamin C is a well-known immune-booster, but many vitamins and nutrients assist in proper immune function: vitamin A, copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, B6, etc. And your immune system doesn’t just fight off illness like colds, flus and coronavirus, it also fights disease-causing changes in the body, such as cancer. 5: Your Brain Needs Food Modern life demands a great deal of our brains: constant interruptions, screens everywhere, a fast pace and high-stress environment. Specifically addressing the needs of your brain with vitamins can improve mental clarity, focus, drive and possibly even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 6: You are Depressed or Anxious Given all of the factors named so far, and the stress of our current society, it’s no wonder that approximately one-third of Americans are now showing signs of clinical depression or anxiety. That’s not including run-of-the-mill, stressed about a specific work project, anxious about a presentation, or depressed over the loss of a family member. While no “cure-all” supplement exists for these disorders, there are many vitamin deficiencies which have been directly linked to depression, anxiety, ADHD or even schizophrenia.  If you struggle with any sort of mental illness, it is crucial to get tested for specific nutritional deficiencies and address them as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  7: You Can Recover Faster Spring back after illness, after an injury or after a workout by giving your body vitamins. 8: You Can Look Better Nutritional deficiencies can cause bad skin, bad hair, bad teeth and poor muscle tone. Look your best by taking the vitamins which feed your physique. 9: You Can Defy Death People die for many reasons, but there are actually only 4 major risk factors for non-accident-related death: smoking, obesity, hypertension and diabetes. These factors undely everything from cancer and Alzheimer’s to heart attack and stroke. You can quit smoking. And you can take supplements to assist with the other 3 factors. 10: You are Capable of More Beyond just correcting deficiencies, which by now you can see have widespread consequences, taking vitamins can help you reach the next level of human performance. Vitamins and nutrients which boost your brain and body function are known as nootropics. And nootropics benefits range from energy and vitality to focus, drive, memory, intellect and more. So take the vitamins which you need specifically to reach a healthy baseline, but then push yourself to the next level with our nootropics.

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